BabsGinger received her nickname by one of her musical idols and has been writing music for about 20 years. She discovered her love for music, singing and playing the piano at a young age while growing up in Bern, Switzerland.

Honest and emotional lyrics with a warm voice and a melodic arrangement on the piano – that’s the musical style of singer/songwriter BabsGinger.

After releasing „Silence“ in 2017 she continued working with producer Sebastian Portillio and presented her newest songs in 2019 and 2020. In 2022 the Remix of “Your Soul Knows” – a collaboration with Riddimofsoul – was released.

Joined by Alan Bagge (drums), Christian Casu (guitar), Imbi Gassmann (bass) and Ursi Tschudi (piano) BabsGinger plans to play concerts in 2022.


Music that will move you